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Orphanet International Services

The Orphanet website provides access to:

  • A comprehensive inventory of rare diseases classified according to a polyhierarchical classification system.
  • An encyclopaedia with textual information on rare diseases
  • An inventory of high-quality articles published by other journals or learned societies.
  • An inventory of orphan drugs and of drugs intended for rare diseases, at all stages of development, from orphan designation to market authorisation.
  • A catalogue of expert services, validated by national experts in the Orphanet member countries
  • Thematic studies and reports on overarching subjects: the “Orphanet Report Series” (ORS), published as PDF documents.
  • OrphaNews. The newsletter of the rare disease community, written in English, covering both scientific and political news. This newsletter is also published in French and Italian.

Orphadata Services

Orphanet Scientific knowledge base

Catalogue of expert Resources

Orphanet Nomenclature for coding and associated tools


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