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-Dans le contexte du projet européen OD4RD, la Suisse participe à l'implémentation national des codes ORPHA
-Im Rahmen des EU-Projekts OD4RD beteiligt sich die Schweiz an der nationalen Implementierung der ORPHA-Codes
-Nell'ambito del progetto europeo OD4RD, la Svizzera partecipa all'implementazione nazionale dei codici ORPHA.
-As part of the European OD4RD project, Switzerland is participating in the national implementation of ORPHA codes.

A video explaining what ORPHA codes are : https://youtu.be/qGyr73JZIUo

OD4RD (Orphanet Data for Rare Disease) Project website powered by ORPHANET: https://od4rd.eu/

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