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Orphanet National teams'websites

Please find below the list of the Orphanet National Team that maintain a national entry point to Orphanet, providing latest news and updates concerning national activities, in the national language of the country concerned. Other teams can be contacted through the contact forms by country at the end of the page

Some countries do not have the resources to update a national website but you can get in touch with them trhough the Contact Forms below

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Orphanet International Services

  • Inventory, classification and encyclopaedia of Rare diseases with genes involved
  • Inventory of Orphan Drugs
  • Directory of Patient Organisations
  • Directory of Professionals and Institutions
  • Directory of Expert Centres
  • Directory of Medical Laboratories providing Diagnostic tests
  • Directory of ongoing Reserach Projects, Clinical Trials, Registries and Biobanks
  • Collection of Thematic Reports

Orphadata Services

Orphanet Scientific knowledge base

Catalogue of expert Resources

Orphanet Nomenclature for coding and associated tools